The One Where The Parents Leave

Yup. My parents are off to Ontario for three weeks and I'm living the lonely life...again! It's weird, I mean, I lived by myself for 7 months when I was in Sextown but living here in the city is just something totally different. Sure, there's my dog here and nothings ever happened in all 19 years we've had this house, but's just creapy! Annelise and/or Stephanie might come stay with me for a few nights and I am working shift work right now so it's not like I am home all the time.

On a lighter note, things are going pretty good here. I mean, I live my rents and we are all still alive! It's been three full months now of not being in school and I AM HAPPY!! For a while, I've been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life...maybe I am suffereing from a mid-life crisis lately or something but I just feel like I should be doing something. I dunno, I've considered going into nursing (2yr LPN Program here at the Uof A) but then I started thinking about being an Au Pair. Holly went to Switzerland before she got married to Matt and she loved it. Right now it's a little tricky to find a good place to go and to find a good family. There are tons and tons of websites on the internet for Au Pair-ing but it's really something to take seriously. If you go through an agency you are protect (ie: If the family turns out to be crazy or something the agency will pull you and put you with a different family INSTEAD of when you go through the automated internet service you aren't protected). It's a pretty sweet deal you can get in different countries and there are some really nice (and rich) families out there looking for good Au Pair. Being a Christian is also something many people are looking for because they know Christians have morals that they stick too. I am really excited about it and mostly because I have never really been the person to make dreams for myself and now I finally have a plan! I hope to leave August of 2008. There are a few places I have preferenced but I am open to suggestions!

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